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fish finders & setups

I don't like to call them Fish Finders. Instead I like to call them Feature Finders.

Use them to find fish and you may drive yourself crazy chasing a lost cause. Instead, use them for finding rocks, wrecks or other features and chances are you'll be on the fish.

IBF stock Garmin products that use sonar technology to let you know exactly what is under your SIB. 
They match well with the Railblaza accessories also available on the website.


Apart from what's listed below, IBF can source many other Garmin and Railblaza products as well as spare parts, cables and transducers.

Simply drop us a fishing line to see if we can help.

Below is a whole bunch of accessories and fish finder options to help get you the right set up.

Keep up to date with our
New Products page. Save it to your favorites so you're the first to know when we launch new items.

If you need any help just ring the fishing line on 01903 816390

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