Pre order your hydrus III for 2021

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right inflatable boat setup that suits your needs and budget the best.

You have a ton of questions, right?

Choosing the right boat depends on a few things...


How many of you will be using the boat?

Where do you plan to launch your boat the most?

What size engine do you need?

What safety equipment will you require?

Where will you be storing the boat?

Do you plan to trailer your boat?

If required, what are the best fishing accessories to install?

There are lots of questions you must have.

With years of experience owning several different boats and engines allow us to guide you in the right direction.

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We are now taking preorders for the next batch of Hydrus III which arrive in May/June.

The colour scheme will be the same as the previous two models but will be finely tweaked in design.

Plans so far are:

To reduce the number of red handles at the bow from 3 each side to 1 leaving more room for accessories.

To replace the small length of rope in the middle of the boat with material handles instead, similar to those at the bow. To be used as a handle to support you while driving. 

Check out the main features of the Hydrus II 

To stay up to date with developments look out for posts in the Facebook group or check back here from time to time.

       Passenger capacity:

  • 3.3m 2 persons

  • 3.7m 3 persons

  • 4.0m 4 persons


Total pricing for each boat (Excluding UK shipping of £70) 

      Air deck

  • 3.3m - 51kg - £999 

  • 3.7m - 59kg - £1099 


        Aluminium deck

  • 3.7m - 76kg - £1199 

  • 4.0m - 82kg - £1249 

All models come with as standard:

  • Two bench seats

  • Oars

  • Foot or hand pump

  • Repair kit

  • Two carry bags

  • Owners manual


To reserve yours now all you need to do is put down a £100 holding deposit by clicking the link below.

After a package deal? Customize your own here.

Inflatable Boat Fishing can also offer a payment plan if you wish to pay monthly instalments between now and April 2021 to spread the cost.

Email or ring the fishing line on 01903 816390


We also offer Experience Days so you can try before you buy