new to inflatable boat fishing?

So, you're new to inflatable boat fishing and just don't know where to start.

Here's a quick guide to help you on your way as it can be difficult to decide which are the best options to take.

What size boat to get - what size engine - what safety equipment will you need and so on.

Below we outline the basics when it comes to choosing the right boat as well
as kitting it out with the right equipment to get started.

Relax as we explain the things to consider first.

Air decks have come a long way in recent years. A very sturdy alternative to aluminium or wooden decks making setting up and packing away much easier and faster.

Here at Inflatable Boat Fishing we like to encourage the use of air decks purely for portability purposes however, all of our inflatable boats come with both air and aluminium decks.

Air decks are easier to set up and lighter to carry but don't offer the same stability as a with an aluminium deck.

Aluminium decks take slightly longer to set up and can be fiddly to begin with but do offer a sturdier experience meaning you can fish with slightly stronger winds.  

Think about where you plan to launch from once you get your Sib. Do you have access to a concrete slipway or will you be launching mainly from a sandy or pebbled beach.

You will almost certainly need to add some transom wheels to make life easier. 

Will you be riding solo most of the time or will you have company?

Choosing the right size engine can sometimes depend on how fit and healthy you are. Imagine carrying the engine up and down those steep beaches if you are alone.
Opting for a 15hp or 20hp might sound great and get you moving quickly but at over 40 kgs for most of them they will feel a lot heavier lugging back to the car after a long day in the sun.  

Perhaps pop in to your local chandlery or engine showroom and ask to test the weights of some engines to get a good feel of them and imagine carrying it to and from the car.

If you plan to ride solo then The Hydrus 3.3m would be ideal. Stick a 9.8hp on the back of it and you have a great lightweight set up perfect for one angler.  

If there are 2 or 3 of you then consider The Hydrus 3.7m that although rated to 20hp, a 15hp would do just fine.

  The 'Big Kahoona' Hydrus 4.0m will take up to 25hp.

The Seago Spirit range come in various sizes ranging from 2.4m slatted floor to 3.2m inflatable floor and keel.
Most inflatable boats on the market are made from PVC which is strong enough for most types of sea or river fishing.

Move up to Hypalon material and although more expensive the material is super strong and will last for many years.

The Takacat range of inflatable boats simply turn eyes and are a dream to operate.

With their Catamaran style design, they offer a completely different experience of boating.

Sizes go up to 4.2m so have that bit more length and come with both an open or closed transom as well as open or closed bow.

So what next?

Well, once you have your boat and engine sorted out you will need all the safety gear before you can set off.

Life jackets and VHF radio sets are a must, so be sure to get the best your budget can stretch to.

Choose between a manual or auto life jacket. Sometimes auto life jackets trigger accidently when splashed with sea water.

Buoyancy aids are also available.  

VHF handheld radios are a must have. You are required to complete the RYA vhf radio course and exam which are available from one of the Facebook groups trusted suppliers SeaTrainingSussex. Give them a ring and speak to Tim who offers great discount for group members. You can also book the Powerboat 2 course which is a two day course designed to teach you the basics of boat handling and navigation skills. 

You will want to accessorise your SIB.

Railblaza have everything you need. A selection of Ribport and Quickport mounts glued or bolted to your Sib and you can add an array of accessories including rod holders, bait tables, camera mounts, navigation lights, cup holders and more. 
The YouTube channel has lots of videos illustrating how easy they are to add to your boat.

You may consider an electric pump. Most if not all inflatable boats come with a foot or hand pump supplied but after two or three trips out you may soon decide an electric pump would make life a lot easier. 

Finally you will want to keep your SIB looking in pristine condition so IBF highly recommends using the August Race products to effortlessly clean your boat every now and then.

It goes without saying insurance is also a must have and Inflatable Boat Fishing are pleased to team up with Craftinsure who are one of the most well known and competitive online boat insurance companies out there. For less than £50 a year you're covered just from a quick phone call. A no brainer really.

If you're at your PC then check out our Full Guide (not easily viewed from a mobile).

We hope this helps but if there is anything you are unsure of then please email me, call the fishing line or ask in the Facebook group where we have many members all too happy to help answer your queries.

Check out some of the videos sent in from the Facebook group
members of their trips out on their SIBs.