Deciding what length SIB to have designed

So I posted a survey on the Facebook group asking members various questions about SIB's, what they thought was needed, their preferences, experiences and general thoughts on all things related to the sport so I could get an insight on what visitors might want from the website.

Some very interesting results came in, including the preferred length of a SIB which made me rethink the sizes I should get made up in the new IBA design.

I wanted to ask 2 major defining questions to help decide what size boats to focus on.

How many of you use your SIB? With the following options..

Just me mainly - Me and one other mainly - More than 3 of us mainly

The results were..

Just me 32% - Me and one other 51% - More than three 6% - Other 11%

But, when asked what length of SIB would you buy?, the results were

3.8m - 21%

4.0m - 18%

3.2m - 15%