New generation of hand pumps for all kind of inflatable products.


Innovative solutions grant high efficiency, easy-use and comfort.


Double/Single action to minimize human effort


New hand pump design allows to inflate faster and with less effort than any other pump in the market thanks to the unique architecture


Ergonomic handle- Enlarged base for maximum stability


Built-in pressure gauge- Inflation port on pump body (no hose kinking)


Protective filter


Inflation fittings available for all most common valves 



  • Capacity           2 x 2000 cc
  • Max Pressure     1,9 bar (27.5 psi)
  • Inflate mode     DOUBLE or SINGLE  ACTION
  • Inflate-deflate     INFLATE ONLY
  • Dimensions     14 x 30 x 65 mm
  • Construction     ABS + ALUMINIUM
  • Suitable for     SIBs & SUBs

Bravo 110 Hand Pump

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