SMARTFIND S10 Personal AIS Beacon

The SMARTFIND S10 AIS Beacon transmits a message to all AIS enabled equipment within a 4 mile radius (typical). An inbuilt high precision GPS receiver provides accurate position information which is frequently updated to assist quick retrieval of persons in difficulty. The SMARTFIND S10 AIS Beacon is intended for carriage by divers, crew and anyone who carries out activities on water.


A.I.S. Beacon

An AIS beacon is a new, innovative personal safety device that incorporates both AIS (Automatic Identifi cation System) and GPS technology. The AIS beacon has been designed to aid the speedy local retrieval of personnel/crew members who find themselves in difficulty at sea.


An AIS beacon transmits target survival information, GPS position information and a serialised identity number.


AIS beacon target information can be viewed using standard ships AIS equipment such as Class A and Class B transponders and a wide variety of receive only AIS units.

AIS equipped vessels and land based VTS stations within the local vicinity will also have visibility of the AIS-beacon signal. Whether displayed on the AIS itself or on a companion plotter or ECDIS screen, the message will clearly indicate the exact location, distance and bearing to person(s) in need of assistance. AIS equipment* displays an icon where precise target survivor information becomes viewable when the chart plotter/ECDIS* cursor is positioned over the alert icon.


*For use with AIS enabled chart plotters, contact your chart plotter manufacturer for further info.


As AIS Beacons are still very new, not all small-craft chart plotters with AIS show the correct icon as recommended by the IMO.

At the very least, they will show the same icon as used for other craft – normally an arrow. In addition, user settings generally allow you to configure the display to show the MMSI number, which in the S10 begins with 972.

This way you can differentiate the S10 from other vessels. If in doubt, check with your plotter manufacturer how they display AIS Beacons on screen.

All new ECDIS plotters (on ships over 300 tonnes) will display the icon correctly.



  • Simple, manual activation.
  • Transmits GPS target tracking information over AIS.
  • Serialised TX ID.
  • Small and light for unobtrusive carriage.
  • Waterproof, buoyant and fully submersible to 60m.
  • Flashing LED light.
  • Minimum 24 hour continuous operation.
  • 5 year battery storage life.

McMurdo SmartFind S10 Personal AIS