Welcome to Ocean Angler from New Zealand.

I've been looking for lures that are 'different to the norm' in UK tackle shops to share here on the website for some time now and I think I've found something really special.

After my recent trip out with Marcus from Ocean Angler testing these lures I'm delighted to say they work really well.


Ocean Angler have been designing lures and tackle since 2007. With a strong background in professional charter fishing they strive to design lures that catch a lot of fish, they need to be very effective and strong to be part of their range.


The Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure is a truly awesome fish-catching device. The concept’s from Japan but the design has been tweaked by NZ lure fishing expert Paul Senior to suit NZ seas and now available in the UK through IBF they work equally well here. It's a must-have for targeting Bass or Cod over the sand and deeper water reefs and rocks!

Constructed with tough hooks and life-like eyes, this lure will definitely catch you some Bass, Cod, Bream or Mackerel. Squirt a blob of Secret Sauce on it to make it even more awesome and watch the fish pile up!

Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure Features:

  • Weighted jig-style head
  • Small but sharp assist hook
  • Octopus skirt
  • Life-like eyes
  • Size: 80g,100g,130g
  • Available colours: Blue Silver, Candy Apple, Leopard Pink, Orange Gold and Pink White



If there's fish down below, the Ocean Angler Kabura Slider Rig will find them. This deadly effective lure is easy to use and perfect for bottom fishing. It features a uniquely shaped head that slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked. This unique shape results in a natural action that mimics wounded baitfish. Pair that up with a fluttering octopus skirt and realistic eye and you've got a lure that's irresistible to a wide variety of fish species. Plus it's rigged with ultra sharp assist hooks for instant hook ups.

Whether you're looking to land that 10lb Bass, or just fishing for fun - the Ocean Angler Kabura Slider Rig will get results!

Ocean Angler Kabura Slider Rig Features:

  • Shaped jig head with skirts and ties
  • Weighted jighead slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked
  • Eliminates the leverage effect of the lure against the hooks
  • Ultra sharp assist hooks
  • Weight: 80g, 100g, 140g
  • Available designs: Rasta Man, Orange Gold


Each £44.99 selection contains 3 randomly picked lures and 1 tub of randomly picked Secret Sauce. Drag Juice, Pilchard, Bloody Tuna or Mullet.


Place an order for this selection and you will be delighted with the results.
No need to take any smelly bait with you.


Just go light and come home heavy.

Ocean Angler Lure and Secret Sauce selection