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The Rod Holder R is the little brother to the RodHolder II. Designed to hold fishing rods with spinning, baitcaster or fly reels.

The stretchable strap at the front of the holder will wrap around the top for Baitcaster reels and round the bottom for Spinning reels. The Rod Holder R is a light duty rod holder best used for fresh water fish. It is not designed for trolling. It will fit into any RAILBLAZA mounting Port.

Moulded in rugged fibre glass reinforced plastic it will fit any vessel.

It is packaged in two ways, as a kit with the very popular StarPort HD, allowing it to fit the footprint of many other popular mounts on the market, or as a Rod Holder R Only so you can buy any other RAILBLAZA mounting port to go with it.

Railblaza Rod Holder R Only

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