River 350 has become very popular with divers as well as hobby anglers and families due to its unique hull construction.

This gives the boat extreme lateral stability, both when the boat is stationary or at full speed.

The River boats represent innovative thinking in design and product development.

River boat is very easy to plain and achieves great speed, even with small engines.

The optimal design of the hull provides excellent stability in all conditions, while low friction gives the vessel easy propulsion and low fuel consumption.


  • Length  – 3.5 metre / 11.5 ft
  • Weight – 110kg Approx. (Excluding motor)
  • Beam – 1.5 metre / 4.9 ft
  • Max Persons – 3
  • Max HP – 15hp
  • Power range – 5-15hp
  • Max Load – 260 kg
  • Hull – Hybrid between Catamaran and 14° V Bottom
  • Category – C


Category C – “Coastal waters and inland waters”.

Boats designed for traffic near the coast, in large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where the wind force can be up to 6 (the Beaufort scale) and with a significant wave height up to and including 2 m

Colours currently available in the UK:

  • Red
  • Orange

River Boat 350 Open

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