The River 420 XR, like the “siblings” River 290 and 350, is extremely safe and stable.

Through its unique hull construction and sporty design.

The XR model gives you the perfect ride with the inbuilt seat and steering console, a perfect boat for the whole family.

The River 420 is extremely stable when the boat is stationary or running at full speed.

All River Boats are DNV approved as a supplement to the mandatory CE marking.

Boats rated high by DNV-GL and 420 are classified in Category C.

Category C is for boats near the coast.

The River 420 is an open dinghy for use as a country dinghy, for rescue service, scuba diving, fishing , rental dinghy or as the perfect leisure craft.


  • Length  – 4.2 metre / 13.8 ft
  • Weight – 195kg Approx. (Excluding motor)
  • Beam – 1.8 metre / 5.9 ft
  • Max Persons – 5
  • Max HP – 30hp / 29KW
  • Power range – 10-30hp
  • Max Load – 560 kg
  • Hull – Hybrid between Catamaran and 17° V Bottom
  • Category – C


Category C – “Coastal waters and inland waters”.

Boats designed for traffic near the coast, in large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers where the wind force can be up to 6 (the Beaufort scale) and with a significant wave height up to and including 2 m

Colours current available in the UK:

  • Black
  • Grey Stone Effect

River Boat 410 XR

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