Seago Active Life Jacket

Available in Red - Navy - Sky blue


High volume buoyancy together with unique safety features make this jacket the first choice for those with safety and convenience in mind.


The 3D contour reduces the surface area in contact with your body making the lifejacket almost unnoticeable for both men & women.


Activates automatically on contact with water. Including an on/off test switch.The Seago crotch strap can be retro fitted to a lifejacket. Its purpose is to prevent the lifejacket from rising up after inflation.


  • S type lung design.
  • Double Crutch Strap.
  • Super-Fast Zip Fastening.
  • 38gm Re-arm Kit.
  • Status Window.
  • Chest Size 55-140cm
  • Weight 40kg+


Seago Active Life Jacket

Firing Mechanism
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