• - New suspension which has a ‘lock-out’ facility as well as being adjustable.
  • - Change in frame design at rear
  • - Rubber gromit covering the charging port
  • - New inbuilt sensor which engages the motor
  • - Twist grip Shimano gearing system
  • - Better quality kick stand


The Seago Electric Folding Bike makes your commute quicker and easier, saving you from having to climb hills and allows you to get to work or anywhere else fresh and rested.


Folding down to 27' in length, the Seago e-Power is small enough to take on trains and buses, and quick to unfold.


Speed + Range

  • The 250W motor makes travelling a joy, propelling the bike at speeds up to 25km/h: getting where you're going is faster than ever. With a range of 60km -- depending on the conditions -- range anxiety is a thing of the past, and long enough for even the most enthusiastic cyclists.


Pedal Assist 

  • The Seago e-Power 'pedal assist' makes cycling uphill cycling a breeze. It uses the electric motor to drive power to the pedals reducing the force necessary to propel the bike forward allowing the rider to go faster and further with significantly less effort.



  • The latest Samsung lightweight lithium ion battery is fast to charge and lasts a long time. On a full charge, it can power the bike for up to 60km before needing to be plugged in, and lasts for up to 1,000 charge-drain cycles, keeping you riding faster for years. The battery is built into the frame, and accessible for replacement only via key, which also means the battery can't be stolen when chained or locked in public.



  • Weighing in at 22kg including the battery, the Seago Electric Folding Bike (or e bike) is lightweight and when folded takes up very little space. A lightweight bike means greater maneuverability and superior range and performance compared to other electric bicycles.



  • Arrive faster with no emissions, the high capacity of the e-Power's battery costs just a few pence to charge, making the cost per mile fractions of a penny.


Easy to Use

  • With three buttons on the folding electric bike -- one for power, one to cycle between the five levels of pedal assistance, and the final button to turn the front-mounted light on or off -- it couldn't be simpler to use. The pedal assist is powerful and the acceleration of faster modes can take a little getting used to, but is graduated to make it as accessible as possible.



  • With an ergonomic new padded saddle and great handlebars, the Seago e-Power is very comfortable for a folding bike -- and combined with pedal assist, the e-Power makes commuting faster and more comfortable than ever.



  • The Seago electric bike has high quality Shimano brake and gear levers, with disc brakes on the front and back of the bike. The Seago e-Power folding bike is CE approved (Epac EN15194) and comes equipped with front and rear LED lights that can be turned off via the electronic controller on the handlebar.


FAQ's -

  • What is the maximum speed of the bike? 25 km/h
  • What is the maximum range of the bike? 60km
  • What is the weight of the bike? 22kg with the battery
  • What is the folded size of the bike? 88 x 35 x 69cm



  • CE approved (Epac EN15194)

Seago Folding Electric Bike