Whats included?

2 Carry bags to make transporting easier

2 Anchor rope runners 

Two seats

Seat bag to store fishing gear


Foot pump

Repair kit


This boat is how it all started. Seago, one of the top suppliers of inflatable boats to all the leading chandleries all over the world offered to have my own designed, angler friendly SIB made up.   


I wanted to design a boat different from the norm. Something that stands out.


For me it has to be lightweight for ease of transport so I've chosen air decks primarily but ali decks are still available for 2020.

I've had experience with both aluminium decks as well as air decks and can honestly say I much prefer air decks.


They are so much easier to set up, launch and retrieve. It has to be about the time you spend on the water fishing or just hooning around than spent setting up and packing away.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to add-ons so I've kept it minimal.


Check out the IBF Bundle Pakage, drop us a fishing line or ring the hotline to add your own extras.


One feature we do hear a lot of though and is included in the build are anchor rope runners so we've added a couple to the bow as this was a common item members wished to have added in a recent poll on the Facebook group.


Included in the price is a removable seat bag to store all your gear, foot pump and repair kit.


I only have one size 3.2m left now.  All other sizes SOLD OUT!!


For more details or to order one of these incredible boats please call the fishing line on 01903 816390, email carlo@inflatableboatfishing.com or PM me in the Facebook group.


The IBF Hydrus 2019 by Seago

  • The Hydrus III is available now to pre order and will be ready in time for spring.

    Call the fishing line on 01903 816390 for information on how to reserve one today.