One of the most common questions asked is how to mount a transducer to a SIB. 


There are a few options including the use of a strap around a sponson but that option has it's flaws. 

It's a lot of messing around attaching it and taking it off each time. If you forget then you risk damaging it.


The IBF solution is to use a couple of Railblaza accessories. 


Depending on whether your SIB has extended floor tabs 


Option 1: If your SIB has those tabs on the sponson then you'll need the longer transducer arm on a round Quickport mount. 


Option 2: If you don't have those tabs on your sponsons then the more solid option is the shorter arm on a round Quickport mount. 


The round quickport mount comes with a VHB (Very Hard Bonding) pad so there's no need for drilling, just use the pads to stick it to the transom to then add your choice of transducer arm. 


No need to fiddle about with a strap, simply clip it in place when on the water and unclip when you're finished.  


Transducer mount options

Arm options