setting up your hydrus

Congratulations on purchasing a Hydrus from IBF. 

Here is our guide to setting up your boat and some of the accessories you may have bought with it. 


After checking for any sharp objects that may damage your boat, start by laying the main tubes flat on the ground.

All air chambers of the boat will have a valve that states the correct PSI or Bar that particular chamber needs to be inflated to. 

The main tubes of the Hydrus should be inflated to 3.6psi/0.25 bar

The keel is also inflated to 3.6psi/0.25 bar 

If you have an air deck this needs to be inflated to 8psi/0.55 bar

Under inflated tubes may affect the performance of the boat so it's important they are inflated to the correct psi.

The three main tubes need to be inflated in stages. 

Verify the valves are in the locked position. Push the spring loaded inner valve in and turn anticlockwise until it locks in to place. This allows the flow of air in and prevents any air being released. 


Inflate one of the side tubes 50% followed by the other side tube 50% and finally the bow tube 50%.


The keel is attached to the base of the boat but is intended to move back and forth so be sure to make sure you have good access to the valve of the keel when positioning the air deck ready to inflate directly below the hole in the air deck. 

The air deck has a wooden panel held in place with two straps next to the hole. The purpose of this panel is to push down on the keel which then creates the 'V' shape of the hull.