sibfest 21 - brighton

The last couple of years we've had quite a few memorable meet ups along the South Coast. 

Obviously this year it all depends on the restrictions and what people feel safe doing.

With members of the Facebook advice group so far afield it's hard to choose a location that suits everyone. 

As the Shoreham Lighthouse meet-up went so well last year we've decided to return this year.

Situated in West Sussex, Shoreham-By-Sea, the lighthouse is an ideal venue to host this years Sibfest 21.


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Saturday 29th Littlehampton slipway. Low tide 8am - High tide 2pm

Postcode BN17 5DS
What3Words 'beams.indoor.fixed'


A leisurely start to the weekend meeting at Littlehampton slipway between 10-11am with the option of breakfast in the slipway cafe.


The slipway is nice and wide with plenty of room for us all to set up. Cost £10 to launch plus Pay and display parking right next to the slipway.


High tide is 2.20pm. The Black Rabbit pub is an hour and a half up river passing Arundel castle.


Leaving around 12.30-1pm going with the tide to arrive at the pub for 2ish.

Quick pint then coming back with the tide. Speed restrictions must be adhered to.


For those that prefer to fish, the King merely reef is not far from Littlehampton where the Arun joins the sea - rightly famous for its Black Bream fishing + bass and other species.


Currents can be fast on the Arun so don't go underpowered


Sunday 30th Newhaven slipway. Low tide 9am - High tide 3pm

Postcode BN99BY
What3Words 'lakeside.took.during'


Simpson Marine slipway Newhaven harbour.

£10 launch fee with free parking

Morning low tide is 9am. A bit muddy so should be avoided. Need to avoid the ferry leaving at 10.30

Afternoon high tide is 3pm


Arrive at 9am for nearby breakfast then set up ready to launch at 10.45


Heading out of the harbour you have a few marks out and to the West, with Seaford to the East. Good Plaice drifting in the calm wide bay.


This is where everyone can either split up and do their own thing or stick together in smaller groups.


A bit further past Seaford you have the white cliffs with a lovely stretch of beach that would make a perfect catch and cook meetup in the afternoon. Alternatively just stay out all day returning to the slipway with plenty of high tide after 3.30pm.


Monday 31st Shoreham lighthouse. Low tide 10am High tide 4pm


Shoreham has 3 places to park and launch from.


  1. Shoreham Lighthouse: Free parking next to the RNLI with a short stretch of shingle beach. Slightly longer at low tide. Half a mile up river from lighthouse. Postcode BN436RG - What3Words 'drive.ashes.cost'

  2. Emerald Quay: Very small slipway so launch one at a time, parking a short walk away. Launch and recovery two hours either side of high tide to avoid the sludge. Shops nearby. Postcode BN435JH - What3Words 'shed.glows.forgot'

  3. Close to Shoreham yacht club: Opposite the lighthouse. Plenty of free parking with a short but relatively steep shingle beach to launch from. Postcode BN436RF - What3Words 'union.basically.lends'


Morning low tide is 10am. 

Afternoon high is 4pm so nice and easy to come back up the shingle.

Going out from the harbour you have all the rocks, wrecks and reefs of Brighton & Hove within 2 or 3 miles to the East.

Wide range of species to chase including; bass, plaice, bream, rays, wrasse and smoothhounds to mention a few.


For those who prefer a more gentle day, then setting up a couple of hours before high water you can have a beautiful trip up the river Adur taking in the downs, the beautiful countryside and pubs such as the bankside King's Head in Bramber. Ideal picnic venues. Pull in to star gap public hard if you want to buy supplies in Shoreham Town centre. 

A nice early start
Everyone has a job to do
Lots of different makes of Sibs
Conditions were perfect
14 boats in total
Plenty of fish to be caught
What a great day