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spare parts

Inflatable Boat Fishing Ltd has teamed up with a number of suppliers in the marine industry that provide pretty much everything you'll need to enjoy fishing this way.
One of our latest suppliers are able to provide spare parts for all the top brands out there.
If you need any quick repairs or replacement parts for your own boat then give us a call, email or message to see if we can help.


Things such as:

  • Hypalon Single/Two part glue 70ml/250ml/500ml/1ltr/5ltr

  • PVC Single/Two part glue 70ml/250ml/500ml/1ltr/5ltr

  • Adhesives & Curing agents separately 

  • Hypalon and PVC fabric offcuts various sizes

  • Emergency Repair Kits

  • Hypalon and PVC Paints and Antifouling

  • Inflation valves/parts and tools

  • pressure release valves/spare parts

  • Hypalon and PVC handles - Rowlocks - Cleats - Davits - Rubbing strakes -Paddle holders

  • Bravo hand, foot and electric pump spare parts

  • Drain bungs

  • Paddles and Oars

  • Crossbar steering & cables

  • Pedestal steering & cables

  • Transom pads

  • Engine covers 


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