the hydrus ii for 2020

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Hydrus II factory.JPG

The Hydrus II is an upgrade from the very successful 2019 model made by Seago


Now using a different manufacturer that produces high quality inflatable boats for Vetus as well as other very well known Inflatable boat companies that are made with very high quality materials we believe the 2020 model is on the next level.


After attending many SIB meet ups I’ve been able to compare the difference in quality not only in material used but more importantly the fixtures such as rowlocks and valve’s used on both the budget boats available on the market as well as boats that warrant a higher price tag. 


In the search for a new manufacturer to develop this year's Hydrus, I wanted quality to be more important than being able to offer a cheaper budget priced boat.     

So what’s different about the Hydrus II?


From a distance not much but take a step closer and you’ll notice a few added extras that make a big difference.


The valves have been upgraded with tougher springs to prevent accidental air release when removing pump tubes and have tougher, thicker retaining strings. 

Hydrus II air valves


Pressure release valves have been fitted. 

Missing on the original Hydrus because the Seago Spirit range in which the Hydrus was modified from were light grey in colour, where sunlight and heat reflecting from the tubes meant they were less likely to expand causing damage to the seams.

With the Hydrus being black in colour, in extreme weather conditions they are more likely to expand so the need of release valves is greater.

Hydrus II pressure release valve


One of the bugbears I've had with previously owned SIBs where the seats are mounted on sliding rails is where the edges of the rails begin to fray after constant battles to fit the seat brackets in place.

This problem has now been fixed by tapering off the material into a thin edge that makes guiding the seat brackets onto the rail a breeze. 

Hydrus II seat rails


Many SIBs on the market come with rope strips positioned on top of each tube and although great for carrying the boat between car and water as well as handy to grab hold of while in the water they do get in the way with fishing hooks often getting caught on these ropes. They also prevent you from comfortably sitting or resting on the tubes while out fishing for the day.


When designing an angler friendly SIB that differs from regular SIBs on the market my main focus was to keep the tubes as free of clutter as possible so fishing accessories can be added.

The Hydrus II has only a small length of this rope strategically positioned between the seats. The reason for this is to support your back while steering the boat. Often when on WOT your back strains under the pressure so having this length of rope on either tube gives you something to grip and balance your body weight to prevent any back strain.  

Hydrus II grab rope


We’ve also added two velcro loops on the inside of either tubes so you can remove the oars from the top and stash them on the inside out of the way and yet easily accessible when required. 

Hydrus II stashed oars


The original Hydrus came with two anchor rope runners which have been replaced with one runner and one of these large cleats giving more stability holding and securing your anchor rope in place.

Hydrus II anchor rope runner and cleat


We changed the shape of the sponsons from U to V.

Only time on the water experimenting with the same engine used on the original Hydrus will determine how they affect performance at both cruising and WOT speeds. 

However we do think they look pretty snazzy with a more aerodynamic look and feel.

Hydrus II Sponsons


We’ve included a red striped rubbing strake with lip on this year's model that not only adds more colour to the already striking Hydrus design but also the ability to add what we believe is the best looking and fitting canopy bow on the market similar to what’s available for the F-rib.

Hydrus II Bow Canopy


Once the canopy mounts are glued in place they then house the canopy in a rigid ‘up’ position and simply fold down and clip in to place for when not required.

A see through window which is not widely available on the market gives it a very exclusive look. 


Whether to include a bow bag or not tends to split opinions from members of the IBF Facebook group so we opted to only include the fixings, giving customers the option to add it at a later date keeping the cost down. 

Hydrus II Bow bag option


Included as standard are two seats, two oars, a hand pump and repair kit.

We decided also to include a second carry bag allowing users to spread the weight of the SIB.

Hydrus II


Here's Oban Jones out on the prototype Hydrus II sample boat sent to IBF recently.


These amazing boats are due in at the beginning of July.


To order one please get in touch with a holding deposit of £50


Total pricing will depend on final import duty and VAT costs but those ordering now are guaranteed to pay the following reduced prices excluding UK shipping costs. 



Two seats

Foot pump

Repair kit

2 x Carry bag

Engine capacity:

3.3m up to 15hp

3.7m up to 20hp

4.0m up to 20hp


Passenger capacity:

3.3m 2 persons

3.7m 3 persons

4.0m 4 persons

Air deck

  • 3.3m - 51kg - £899 inc Vat (sold out)

  • 3.7m - 59kg - £949 inc Vat (sold out)

  • 4.0m - 61kg - £1049 inc Vat (sold out)


Aluminium deck

  • 3.7m - 76kg - £999 inc Vat (sold out)

  • 4.0m - 82kg - £1099 inc Vat (sold out)

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