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typhoon international

Typhoon International have been innovators in providing personal protection from the elements since 1947. They have a reputation for manufacturing exceptionally high-quality marine products, including drysuits, wetsuits,diving suits, buoyancy aids and more.

Today Typhoon is one of the world's largest drysuit manufacturers with drysuits dating back to 1976 when they developed the first lightweight drysuit, followed by the Clotex drysuit in 1992. They continue to innovate this field, while the development of fabric technology, product design and innovative new components keep their range of suits at the forefront of design evolution.

Typhoon is also a key player in the leisure water sports market, with products specifically designed for many water based activities including inflatable boat fishing.

In addition to maintaining appropriate approvals, all Typhoon products are continuously checked throughout the production process, including relevant performance tests before they leave the factory.

Typhoon offer a full after sales service which includes repairs and servicing. 


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