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Welcome, friends!

Are you ready to sit back, put your feet up, and let the world melt away as you watch a selection of YouTube videos chosen by the most dedicated (and possibly deranged) members of our Facebook group?

These clips are all about the thrilling sport of SIB fishing, so if you're ready to laugh, be amazed, and possibly even pick up a new hobby, then go ahead and brew yourself a nice hot beverage and get ready to be entertained.

Happy viewing.

Incredible inshore fishing! | Lure fishing for wrasse on Texas rigs (other surprise species caught!)

Incredible inshore fishing! | Lure fishing for wrasse on Texas rigs (other surprise species caught!)

Ben Humber goes out in search of hard fighting wrasse and a few other surprise species from his inflatable boat using stepped up perch gear and lures! For more information about inflatable boats like the one Ben is using, visit: 00:00 - Plan and tactics 02:29- Drifting over a shipwreck 11:05 - Fishing for wrasse 15:46 - Tackle for wrasse 16:42 - Boat fishing advice 19:21 - Playing cat and mouse with wrasse 31:08 - Catching on the setup 47:50 - The Boat You can see the range of Fox Rage tackle being used in this video here: Keep up to date with all the latest on our other social channels: If you love fishing for predators then Fox Rage TV is place for you. Our channel covers insight in targeting everything from pike, perch and zander to catfish, asp and chub, with expert tips and tactics from our anglers to help you catch more and bigger fish. Fox Rage videos also showcase our latest predator fishing tackle products and innovations, including lures, rods, reels, braid and accessories across our three brands; Fox Rage, Fox Rage Predator and Salmo. We offer something for all predator anglers. From the novice lure angler looking to get a grip of the basics, such as dropshot and jig fishing, or picking the right lure and locating fish, to experienced fishermen who want to take their angling to the next level, our videos can help. With new lure and predator videos loaded all the time, our aim is to not only help you catch more and bigger fish but to get more out of your fishing. We are proud partners of the Angling Trust. If you would like to join and help to secure the future of fishing in the UK, you can do so here:
Inflatable Boat Fishing Live | Southampton

Inflatable Boat Fishing Live | Southampton

Hello everyone & Welcome back to the channel! Tonight we fished in Southampton waters for the first time ever in the sib! We ran into a few problems before the live of not being able to find a suitable slipway but luckily my last shot brought me to a wonderful slip which I will use again! The targets for this nights stream were Sole & Mackerel. We struggled heavily in this session. During the light we had a tiny pout which we kept for bait. Before dark we saw some sea gulls balling up by the shore to check it out. It seemed as if bass were attacking a bait ball. I managed to hook into 2 or so school bass on feathers but didn’t manage to land one. After this i decided to switch spots and we went and anchored up next to a buoy opposite Netley. The water here seemed to be 16m+ deep so I imagined there would be an abundance of fish! Unfortunately due to the tide pattern, we had no luck on the bait as there was no tide washing the fish around. We had a real scare when a dredger the “City of Chichester” went past as it kicked up one hell of a wake. This was enough for me to call it an evening as this wake definitely could flip an unsuspecting boat. However right at the dead while lifting anchor a pipe fish approached the boat and I grabbed it out the water! In the end we had 1 small pout & the pipe fish. Thank you so much for your continued support and I hope to see you in the next live! Thanks so much to the super chatters from this evenings live; @guerrillapress7343 with $10.00 @paulmerritt7516 with £9.99 @Fishingwithbenisleofwight with £9.99 @Fourtwozero4207 with $1.98 @simonbustin9543 with £9.99 @tashajarvis3603 with £10.00 A massive & special thank you to these guys & girls for their extra support of the channel! I thoroughly appreciate the super chats! Also a big thank you to @jayd5075 for helping me pack up after the session! Although the little 💩 didn’t accept a lift home! 😂😂
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