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If you're a budding YouTuber we want to hear from you. 
Do you have an existing channel dedicated to angling and are looking for raw material to add?

Are you looking to start one?

Influencers all over the world are making buckets of money simply by filming themselves fishing.

We can offer YouTubers help to


If you're a shore angler and you like the idea of taking that leap to the next level by inflatable boat fishing then why not film yourself doing so? 

The more subscribers and likes you have, the more we can offer you.

We can even help you to get started on your journey.

Receive the latest fish finder technology from Garmin and Railblaza accessories such as rod holders and bait

tables free of charge for you to test and review.

Simply get in touch so we can see what you have to offer.

Check out our videos page to see how other anglers are fishing from sibs on their channels.

Have you got what it takes?

Take your Hydrus out to the wind farms or to the inshore lighthouse.

Go wreck fishing for the day.

There are plenty of rivers to fish all over the UK.

Even just exploring the great coastlines we have to offer.

Theres an adventure for you to capture that could go viral and boost your channel instantly.

Has that got you thinking?