pics sent in from hydrus owners 

Just a small selection of photos sent in by the Facebook group members that have purchased one of the Hydrus models.
Whether you have the Mk1, Mk2 or the new Mk3 we're sure you'll agree they all look fantastic and stick out from the normal Sibs on the market. 
The R & D that goes into improving the design, look and handling of the Hydrus improves each year thanks to the feedback received from our customers.  

Where's the glass of Prosecco?
Thanks Alan Jenkin
Zak Reeves out on the river
Kyle Furlong
Patrick with his catch of the day
Another one of Oban
Nice size Skate from The Hydrus
Two Hydrus inflatable boats on the beach ready to launch
Slipway launch
Hydrus I inflatable boat at the beach
Catching fish from the Hydrus
Ready for the off
Seeing Dolphins from the Hydrus
Skate fishing from The Hydrus
The Hydrus II
The Hydrus II
The Hydrus II Scotland
Morecombe Bay on The Hydrus
The Hydrus II
The Hydrus II inflatable boat
The Hydrus II inflatable fishing boat ready to go
Two original Hydrus mk I on slipway ready for launch
Getting ready to launch The Hydrus
Cruising up river on The Hydrus inflatable boat