The Hydrus III is due to arrive at Southampton port towards the end of February.

Barring any port delays or customs inspections they should be with me and ready to be delivered at the beginning of March.

Watching the container ships route from factory to UK port is always fun and to share in the Facebook group reassuring members waiting for their new boats always seems welcomed.

Here's just a few images from VesselFinder and MarineTraffic websites

It was a very strange 2020 by any stretch of the imagination. I was reluctant to order too many Hydrus II's incase I was stuck with them all in lockdown but when Boris eased lockdown and the sun came out all the boats I'd ordered were pre sold within weeks.

2021 still looks bleak as far as travelling is concerned but word on the grapevine in the boating world is that sales are not looking likely to slow down for quite some time.

The small powered boat world especially inflatable boats seems to be in demand for a number of reasons. Mainly bigger boat owners not wanting to pay for rising mooring fees and so downsizing to a smaller more portable option.

New boat buyers are opting for smaller boats for the same reason, anglers are getting back into the sport because fishing is now being classed as exercise and those with an indisposable income to spend can't book a holiday so are looking in to Sibs for an adventure instead. All of which leads to increased interest, so happy days.

With vaccines now available and quickly being given out, hopefully by the time the boats arrive, the sun will come out and the restrictions will be eased. So lets book Sibfest 21 for the May bank holiday. A chance for us all to meet up while keeping a safe distance still. Check out the photos from last years big meet up at Shoreham Lighthouse.

Updated: Jan 27

Production of the slightly tweaked in design Hydrus III is well under way. It's always nice to see photos of the boats under construction so the eagerly waiting customers that have pre ordered them have something to look forward to. These are the photos that Feny from Chinawand took.

IBF is heading in to year 3 already. It's gone so quickly since the beginning of the Facebook advice group. At the time I knew this was what I wanted to do in my endeavour to promote the sport of inflatable boat fishing. I wasn't in my wildest dreams expecting the boats to look this good and for them to be so popular. I've been totally blown away.

The only difference between the Hydrus II and III is the different colour rubbing strake. It's gone from red to white and I've scrapped the 4m air deck as advised by the factory. They do tend to lose rigidity if at speed when a 25hp engine is used.

The new batch of boats are due in the UK end of February, beginning of March. Here's a sneaky peek.