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launching wheels

Dolly wheels attatched to an inflatable boat transom
Transom wheel kit

One thing that gets asked a lot in the Facebook group is 'Which are the best wheels to use for launching?'
So it depends where you plan to launch from on a regular basis, what type of boat you have and also how much money you are willing to spend. Here at Inflatable Boat Fishing we have three options. 


If you plan to launch from a concrete slipway on a regular basis then you may get away with small Dolly Wheels. Reasonably priced at £54.99 but limits your options to just slipways. They tend to dig in to soft wet sand at times making it a hard slog. Also on shingle beaches they sometimes struggle to cope with the small and large stone combination.  




If you plan to launch regularly on a shingle beach then you may want Pneumatic wheels.
These will vary in price but cheap sets tend to puncture quite easily so be ready to have to replace or fix quite often.

For a few extra bucks you can get 
puncture proof wheels. A higher price at (£179.99) but will never puncture due to them being solid with a slightly soft spongy surface. 









If you plan to launch from a sandy beach then the dolly wheels won't be much use. Even the Pneumatic wheels often tend to dig in to the sand if your boat is heavily stacked.

Railblaza wheels (C-TUG) will do the job on sand as well as shingle as they are both wide to prevent digging into the sand and have a rubbery grip to cope with shingle. With a mid range price at £99.99 they may well be the better option if you plan to vary your launching options.
They are quite big and chunky though, so you'll need to check the size of your transom and position carefully to avoid the engine.


C-TUG Transom wheels by Railblaza
C-TUG transom wheels by Railblaza
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