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February 2019

Exciting News - We are in talks with one of our suppliers to have Inflatable Boat Fishing's very own designed boat manufactured and shipped over in time for the summer of 2019. 

Check it out.
Also check the blog for regular updates.
Is this the best inflatable boat for fishing?
Of course it is!

Features include an anchor rope runner attached to the bow, pressure release valves fitted with solid, puncture proof
transom wheels available as an optional extra.

All with the Facebook groups new 'Inflatable Boat Fishing' logo attached. 

We thank you for everyone's continued support in the Facebook group and look forward to a great summer ahead.  

Orders for these boats are being taken now!

Head over to the Facebook group for details or drop us a fishing line.


April 2019
The boat has arrived and has everyone at IBF really excited and looking forward to taking it out for a ride.
They are now on offer to anyone wanting to order for the next batch to be delivered in time for the summer 2019.

August 2019

The first batch of Hydrus inflatable boats arrive in the UK with those that put down deposits on them very happy to finally 
get their hands on this incredible looking boat. 


November 2019


The summer came and went as quick as it usually does. For me and IBF Ltd it was a fantastic start up year.

With all bar two of the Hydrus boats sold to members of the Facebook group and readers of Sea Angler magazine.

I'm looking forward to next summer and the next batch of Hydrus boats coming over, possibly with slightly different design features added. 
Be sure to check out our Testimonials to see what people are saying about Inflatable Boat Fishing Ltd

January 2020
It seems like the new season is upon us already. I've been out a couple of times over the Christmas and New Year break meeting up with a few members from the Facebook group. 
IBF will be ordering in the next batch of inflatable boats this month so if you like the look of the Hydrus then get in touch and order yours today,  

River Boats and E-Propulsion engines

While we mainly focus on inflatable boats here at IBF, every now and then certain new boat designs come along that we can't help but be impressed by. River boats are one of them. This new slick design of boats are 100% recyclable.
Made in Norway they are now finally available in the UK and we have our hands on them for you lucky people.
Fitted with an E-Propulsion engine and you really will be ahead of the times


April 2020 - The prototype Hydrus II arrives in the UK

The Hydrus II prototype arrives at IBF HQ and after close inspection looks amazing. 

I've written a detailed comparison between this years Hydrus and last years and is available to read here.  

Only a limited amount of Hydrus II will be available due to current circumstances so if you want to get your hands on one then get in touch with us as soon as possible for details. 

Sizes available: 3.3m, 3.7m and 4.0m.

Order now and receive a free bow bag or bow canopy.     


July 2020 

After a year and a half of planning, the first batch of Hydrus II boats arrived in the UK where they were shipped out and in some cases hand delivered to their excited owners. 

 With only one or two minor delays the whole operation went according to plan despite the current pandemic the whole world seems to be facing. 

My only regret is not ordering anywhere near enough boats. 

So the Hydrus III will be on order very soon ready to arrive in the spring of 2021.

To secure yours today simply email me at or call the IBF fishing line on 01903 816390.


 August 2020 

Myself and Susie were invited by Director Elliot Hasler to help film a scene from the movie Vindication Swim using the Hydrus to get some key shots on the water. Check out the details here


 September 2020 - Pre order your Hydrus III today

We're now taking pre-orders for the Hydrus III which will be with us in time for Spring 2021.

A holding deposit of £100 is needed and we also offer the option to pay off monthly instalments so your Hydrus is paid for by the time it gets here. 

Check out the details 


 January 2021 - Pre-sales of the Hydrus III

What does 2021 have in stall for us in times like these?

One thing's for sure, it's certainly seen a huge rise in people looking in to the leisure industry for activities to spend the summer instead of travelling abroad which has meant sales of The Hydrus blossoming. 

We're taking orders for the Hydrus now throughout the summer so don't hang about, get ordering today to avoid disappointment.


 March 2021 - The Hydrus III arrives

After a long wait at the port because of current conditions causing delays, they are finally here. Now to get them shipped out to some very excited customers.