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August Race Liquid Rib Sealer Coat is a semi-permanent cross linking polymer coating formulated to help prevent water spotting/absorption on inflatable RIB tubes. 


LR Sealer coat leaves a silky finish to tubes and can even be used on fabric impression material to leave a market leading even finish.


LR Sealer Coat is environmentally friendly and 100% bio-degradable 

All August Race detailing products are made in the UK 





LR Sealer UV is August Race's brand new super high UV protective RIB Tube Sealer (suitable for most types of material including fabric impression)

A little goes a very long way and it quickly absorbs into the tube to give an industry leading level of UV protection and an even glossy finish while also being fully Biodegradable

AR had an independent Accelerated Weathering and UV Damage lab test carried out under extreme temperature changes and UV light to imitate central Europe weather conditions.

Independent lab test results: “After 240 hours of Accelerated Weathering and UV Damage testing the sample with the coating was visually far better than the no coating sample”

This superior tech-packed treatment has replaced our previous RIB tube protector (Liquid RIB UV) 

August Race LR Sealer UV 250ml

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