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IBF are pleased to have these multi purpose bow trollies in stock. 


Once you have transom wheels fitted to your SIB you simply place the hook positioned on the main arm into the bow handle D-Ring on your SIB and away you go. It makes launching and retrieving your SIB so much easier. 


Please Note: Your SIB must have the bow handle D-ring for the hook to fit onto.


Warning: Overloading your SIB could compramise the bow handle so always unload as much weight as possible before using this trolley.  If you notice your bow handle patch becoming worn then it's because you're carrying too much weight.


You can also use it as a sack barrow to carry your SIB around whilst packed away.


Made from Stainless Steel it fits any size SIB. 

Rubber tyres perfect for many surfaces.

Full length 112cm

Length from wheels to the hook 74cm

Wheel to wheel length 57cm

Height 44cm


Bow Trolley

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