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The IBF Smart Battery Box offers convenience in various settings, whether it's for SIB Fishing, camping, or any situation that demands portable power.

Utilizing your standard 12V leisure or car battery, this box simplifies the process: just insert the battery, connect the terminals provided to the +/- connections, secure the lid, and it's good to go.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Primary terminals designed for connecting to your outboard engine starter or any heavy-duty/high-current 12V connection when on the go.

  • Equipped with 2x 12V Cigarette Lighter style sockets, ideal for powering 12v equipment like fishfinders or electric pumps.

  • It also includes 1x 1A and 1x 2.1A 5V USB sockets, suitable for charging phones, laptops, and various other devices.

  • Complete with a Voltmeter and a 16A circuit breaker for added safety and monitoring.

With internal dimensions approximately measuring 335mm x 211mm x 210mm and external dimensions around 430mm x 350mm x 250mm, it accommodates most 12V batteries up to approximately 100Ah.

This battery box serves as a versatile and convenient power solution, making it an excellent fit for a wide range of applications where portable power is essential.

IBF Smart Battery Box

£54.95 Regular Price
£44.95Sale Price
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