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the hydrus ii for 2020

Hydrus II factory build scene
Hydrus II lined up in the factory
Hydrus II lined up in the factory

The Hydrus has been upgraded from the II to the 'The Hydrus III' for 2021 and now the Hydrus IV(H4) and the Camo Hydrus (H5 Camo) for 2022.

With extensive research and development as well as help from our Facebook group members and existing customers IBF strives to improve the Hydrus each year.

Inflatable boat fishing is a fast growing sport with boat numbers along the coastlines and rivers of the UK and Europe growing rapidly.


With our flagship boat 'The Hydrus', IBF are at the forefront of the sport. 

Join our Facebook group where members are discussing the sport while sharing photo's and videos of their Hydrus. 

If you have any ideas that would help make the Hydrus even better then get in touch in the group, ring our fishing line or drop us an

Together we can produce the ultimate inflatable boat for fishing.


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